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World Cultural Council
30th Award Ceremony


(Singapore, Singapore. October 2, 2013). The World Cultural Council celebrated it´s 30th Award Ceremony at Nanyang Technological University, one of the leading Asian seats of learning, within the framework of the World Academic Summit.

Prof. Sir Paul Nurse, President Emeritus and head of the Laboratory of Yeast Genetics and Cell Biology at the Rockefeller University, U.S received the 2013 Albert Einstein World Award of Science from Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education, who graced the World Cultural Council Award Ceremony as the Guest of Honour, together with Edmond H. Fischer, President of the World Cultural Council and authorities of the World Cultural Council.

"This award is special to me because it recognises the importance of the values of science, of what science can contribute to culture, and the role that science can play in promoting fraternity and goodwill among people, nations and governments of the world. "

"Science remains revolutionary and we have to be ready for what it might reveal. But it is the knowledge that it brings which places science at the centre of world culture.

And science also plays a role in diplomacy and promoting goodwill amongst different peoples. Because science has the same values and mutual respect across the world, scientists can help to break down barriers between different nations. "

Prof. Sir Paul Nurse

"On behalf of the Professor Petteri Nisunen and Tommi Grönlund, I wish to express our deepest gratitude to the World Cultural Council for this prestigious price. It was an unexpected but truly appreciated honour for both laureates. Over the years the Council has acknowledged many outstanding artists and institutions, and they are very proud to be included in this prestigious group. "

"...We all want to acknowledge the work of the World Cultural Council, in these days of hardship and grave challenges in almost all the corners of the Earth, such a prize gives us hope and strength to carry on - to keep striving for a better world, all with our different means and approaches, equally appreciated and working together. "

Professor Tuula Teeri
Aalto University






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