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37th WCC Award Ceremony

University of Coimbra

30 October 2022

The University of Coimbra (UC) and the World Cultural Council (WCC) are extremely pleased to invite you to the 37th World Cultural Council Award Ceremony which will be held at UC on November 30th 2022. This will be the first time in the history of the WCC awards programme that all three prizes will be presented at the same event. 

36th WCC Award Ceremony

University of Tsukuba

3–4 October 2019

The World Cultural Council (WCC) and the University of Tsukuba are highly honoured to invite you to the 36th WCC Award Ceremony in conjunction with the “Tsukuba Conference” in Tsukuba Science City, Japan. On this occasion the 2019 “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science and the “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts will be presented. WCC Special Recognitions will be bestowed on several distinguished Japanese scholars.

35th WCC Award Ceremony

City University of Hong Kong

8 November 2018

The World Cultural Council (WCC) was founded in 1981 on the initiative of 124 distinguished academics and personalities from five continents who joined forces to promote the positive influence of science and culture. 

They were the first members of the WCC’s Interdisciplinary Jury, which is currently composed of 250 members from 51 countries.

34th WCC Award Ceremony

University of Leiden

8 November 2017

The World Cultural Council (WCC) is committed to the recognition of achievements in scholarship, creativity and altruism. It believes that science, education and the arts hold the key to the future of humanity and are the building blocks of culture.

33rd WCC Award Ceremony

Riga Technical University

13 – 14 October 2016

The World Cultural Council (WCC) was delighted to accept the invitation of Riga Technical University’s (RTU) Rector to hold its 33rd Award Ceremony at RTU in Riga, Latvia. It is particularly appropriate to hold the Ceremony in RTU, which was founded in 1862 – the first technical university in what was then the Russian Empire.

31st WCC Award Ceremony

Aalto University

16–17 November 2014

The World Cultural Council and Aalto University are pleased to invite you to the 31st Award Ceremony for the Albert Einstein World Award of Science and the José Vasconcelos World Award of Education. 

These awards will be conferred on eminent pioneers in their respective fields in honour of their tireless efforts to advance human culture and wellbeing.

30th WCC Award Ceremony

Nanyang Technological University

2 October 2013

It is great pleasure for the World Cultural Council to celebrate its 30th Award Ceremony at Nanyang Technological University, one of the leading Asian seats of learning. The prize distribution will take place in the frame of the World Academic Summit to be held next October in Singapore.

29th WCC Award Ceremony

Aarhus University

18 April 2012

It is my great pleasure to announce that on 18 April 2012 the World Cultural Council will be celebrating its 29th Award Ceremony at Aarhus University on the occasion of the conference Excellence Revisited – the Value of Excellence, one of the major events organized by the Danish EU Presidency 2012.

28th WCC Award Ceremony

University of Tartu

10 November 2011

It is a great honour for the World Cultural Council to celebrate its 28th Award Ceremony at the University of Tartu. The Council remains as committed as ever to its founding ideals. We will continue to encourage and reward excellence in the fields of science, education and arts, annually granting our awards to those across the globe who tirelessly persist in their respective discipline for the wellbeing of mankind.

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