Netherlands 2017 – Leiden University

Leiden University hosting the 2017 WCC award ceremony.
Master of Ceremonies, professor Ewine van Dishoeck final worlds at the 34th World Cultural Council Award Ceremony, The Netherlands, 8 November 2017.
Date: 8 November 2017
Place of Ceremony: Pieterskers Leiden
Host Institution: Leiden University
Host Country: Leiden, The Netherlands

The 34rd Award Ceremony took place on Wednesday 8th of November 2017 at the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Professor Omar M. Yaghi, the James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley, USA, received the 2017 Albert Einstein World Award of Science and Professor Russell Hartenberger, Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology and Percussion, University of Toronto, Canada received the 2017 Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts from Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker Leiden University, Professor Sir Colin Blakemore, President, World Cultural Council and Esteban M. Wild, Executive Director World Cultural Council.

Professor Ewine van Dishoeck was the winner of WCC’s Albert Einstein Award of Science in 2015.  Van Dishoeck acted as Master of Ceremonies for the day.

Special Recognitions Diplomas were presented to nine talented female researchers from Leiden University who are particularly skilled at making their research findings accessible to the general public.

These researchers are: Nadine Akkerman, Ann Brysbaert, Marike Knoef, Marianne Maeckelbergh, Victoria Nyst, Sarah de Rijcke, Alicia Schrikker, Martina Vijver and Inge van der Weijden.

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Video of 2017 Award Ceremony


The intermezzi will be performed by double-talented students who combine their academic education at Leiden University with music studies in the Royal Conservatoire at The Hague in the Practicum Musicae program of the Academy of Creative and Performing Art (Faculty of Humanities) and by a PhD-alumnus of the same institute.

Entrance of the procession composed of Leiden University and World Cultural Council dignitaries, Award winners, Special Recognition awardees.

Welcome by Professor Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board Leiden University.

Master of ceremony: Professor Ewine van Dishoeck, winner of the 2015 Albert Einstein World Award of Science.

Salutatory address by Sir Colin Blakemore, President of the World Cultural Council.

Message on behalf of Maestro Rafael Estrada, founder and President Emeritus of the WCC, presented by Dr Manuel Villarreal, European representative for Albert Einstein University (UAE).

Musical interlude

Alexander Borodin (1833-1887), String Quartet No. 2, part III, Notturno.

Performed by Sleutelkwartet:

  • Yolande Kuijper, violin and Education and Child Studies
  • Pauline Jansen, violin and Medicine
  • Emiel de Jongh Swemer, viola and Computer Science
  • Simon Toussaint, cello and Governance, Economics, and Development
Presentation of the 2017 Albert Einstein World Award of Science 

to Professor Omar M. Yaghi, James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley.

Introduction by Professor Geert De Snoo, Dean of Leiden University Faculty of Science.

Acceptance speech by Professor Omar M. Yaghi.

Musical interlude in honour of the Science laureate

Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), Piano Concerto No. 1, op. 11, Romance. Performed by Sleutelkwartet and Friederieke Pank, piano and International Studies.

Presentation of the 2017 Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts 

to Professor Russell Hartenberger, Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology and Percussion and former Dean of the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. Introduction by Professor Mark Rutgers, Dean of Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. Acceptance speech by Professor Russell Hartenberger.

Musical choreography in honour of the Arts laureate

Falk Hübner, PhD, composer, music theatre maker and researcher, I will carry you over hard times. Performed by Maarten Zaagman, specialist in combining percussion, theatre and electronica, teacher and conductor.

Signing of the Award Winners’ Book presented by Professor Gary Marquis, Dean of the School of Engineering, Aalto University, and Member of the World Cultural Council.

Presentation of the Special Recognitions Diplomas to women of excellence in research  from Leiden University
  • Dr Nadine Akkerman, Associate Professor, Early Modern Literature
  • Dr Ann Brysbaert, Associate Professor/Director of Research, Faculty of Archaeology
  • Dr Marike Knoef, Associate Professor, Institute of Tax Law and Economics
  • Dr Marianne Maeckelbergh, Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • Dr Victoria Nyst, Assistant Professor, Centre for Linguistics
  • Dr Sarah de Rijcke, Associate Professor, Centre for Science and Technology Studies
  • Dr Alicia Schrikker, Assistant Professor, Institute of History
  • Dr Martina Vijver, Associate Professor, Institute of Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Inge van der Weijden, Senior Researcher, Centre for Science and Technology Studies

The following films were shown to give the audience an impression of the research carried out by the nine scholars.


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