México 2006 – Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Date: 28 October 2006
Place of Ceremony: Manuel M. Ponce Hall, Palace of Fine Arts
Host Institution: Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Host Country: México City, México

The World Cultural Council celebrated its 23rd Anniversary at the Manuel M. Ponce Hall, Palace of Fine Arts, with the host of the National Polytechnic Institute.

Prof. Ahmed Zewail received the 2006 Albert Einstein World Award of Science. His contributions has literally changed the view of the dynamics of matter and created new femtoscience disciplines, with applications in many areas, including the potential for molecular control with atomic precision.

On a humane level, Prof. Zewail’s contributions are equally impressive. He is renowned for his tireless efforts to help the less fortunate, for his determination to help his native country, Egypt, and region, for his public lectures on world affairs and for his endeavour to inspire young people in matters of science and technology as well as to put forward peaceful solutions to complex world problems.

“I am truly delighted to be here this evening and to receive this very special honour indeed. First, I have to recognize that this honour is very unique, I have received many honors before, but this is truly a unique honour.”

-Prof. Ahmed Zewail

Prof. Marlene Scardamalia received the 2006 José Vasconcelos World Award of Education. Her recent research and development work has focused on the use of new knowledge media to bring high-level knowledge processes within reach of all citizens. Her contributions to education have been described as “visionary” and “exceptional by international standards,” and have the potential to dramatically revolutionize schooling through engaging students more directly and productively in creative work with knowledge and ideas.

“I sincerely thank the Council for this great honour and hope my work will contribute to its goals and the enrichment of society’s cultural heritage that is sure to follow.”

-Prof. Marlene Scardamalia.


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