France 1994 – CODATA / ICSU / UNESCO


Date: 19 Sep 1994
Place of Ceremony:
Convention Center “Le Manege”
Host Institution: CODATA / ICSU / UNESCO
Host Country: Chambery, France

During the celebration of the 14th International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science of CODATA/ICSU in Chambery, France, the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science was delivered to Prof. Sherwood Rowland for his remarkable contributions to the environmental sciences, specially his discovery that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) deplete stratospheric ozone presented hard evidence that chemical pollutants in the atmosphere can induce changes in the environment on global scale. One year later he was awarded with the Nobel Prize.

Prof. Joseph O´Halloran the creator of the Australian mathematics Competition, now the largest in the world, received the “José Vasconcelos” World Award of Education. His initiatives have enhanced the acceptance in educational circles of mathematical challenges and competitions in stimulating the learning of school mathematics.