CALL for Nominations:
2021 “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts
Deadline: March 19, 2021

The World Cultural Council is now accepting nominations for the “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts. Nominations must be submitted by March 19, 2021.

A candidate for the “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts should be a renowned artist, sculptor, painter, writer, poet, cinematographer, photographer, architect, musician or other performing, creative or visionary artist, whose work constitutes a significant contribution to the artistic legacy of the world. The prize is awarded every second year.

In addition to considering the candidate’s breakthrough achievements, the jury will also take into account the service which each has made to mankind and his/her qualities as a role model who inspires future generations to contribute to a better world.

To nominate online or for further details of the awards, please see our Online Nomination Form.

If you submit nominations for the “Albert Einstein” Award please be aware that candidates for this Award will be considered for the year 2022.

Please contact us for any further assistance.