The final objective is to increase the efficient and positive use of knowledge and to promote fraternity among people, nations and governments, looking for a true understanding among all, based on the respect for the ideology, opinion, religion, race, and gender of each person.


The World Cultural Council will maintain and further its commitment to select, recognize and reward international excellence in the fields of science, education and arts, by annually granting its Awards to those people across the globe who tirelessly persist in their respective discipline, striving for the progress of mankind.

Through our endeavors, we aspire to make a contribution to a culture which brings the inhabitants of this planet towards a better world, in which ideological, ethnic, social and all other differences are respected, and where prejudice against and suspicion of what is different are ended, a culture that promotes progress by improving the quality of our lives and our ecological environment, and fulfils our life with enriched attainments.

Key Values

  • Promote academic excellence and role models who inspire future generations to contribute to a better world.
  • Encourage sustained leadership.
  • Enhance a culture of altruism.