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Prof. Alec Jeffreys

Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Country: UK
Place of Ceremony: 23 Nov 1996 Ceremony Sites: Oxford
Field of Research: Molecular Biology
Institution: University of Leicester University of Leicester

Prof. Alec Jeffreys

OXFORD, ENGLAND, NOVEMBER 1996. The World Cultural Council presented the 1996 Albert Einstein World Award of Science to Prof. Sir Alec Jeffreys, Professor of Genetics of the University of Leicester, England, The Official Award Ceremony took place at the University of Oxford which acted as host for 1996.

Prof. Jeffreys was selected as the recipient of the Award in recognition of his valuable and pioneering contributions to Biological Sciences, specifically in the field of Genetics. Outstanding members of the scientific community voted for the prize to go to Professor Jeffreys for his discovery of DNA fingerprinting.

The award is among the many crowning achievements of this distinguished scientist who has been honoured both at home and abroad. He has been made a Freeman of the City of Leicester, named as Midlander of the Year and was awarded a Knighthood for his services to science and technological in 1994.

Prof. Jeffreys was born in Oxford, England in 1950. He attended to Oxford University and received his Ph. D (Biochemistry) in 1975. His career took him to the University of Leicester Where he was appointed Professor of Genetics in 1987.

His achievements have helped to raise the profile of Leicester University as web as the city of Leicester where his revolutionary technique was successfully tested.


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