2017 Nominations



For more than three decades the World Cultural Council has been recognizing individuals that have made exceptional achievements in science, education and the arts, with the final objective to promoting tolerance, peace and fraternity, seeking to encourage the use of science, art and education to further the well-being of humanity.

The Interdisciplinary Committee evaluates the candidates nominated for the “Albert Einstein”, the “José Vasconcelos” and the “Leonardo da Vinci” Awards. Prizes are given to those whose work has had a significantly positive impact on the cultural legacy of mankind. The high level of the jury, comprised of world-renowned and eminent individuals in the above fields, enhances the prestige of the awards.

“The World Cultural Council is committed to the recognition of achievements in scholarship, creativity and altruism. It believes that science, education and the arts hold the key to the future of humanity. They are the building blocks of culture.” – Professor Sir Colin Blakemore, President WCC

Nominating Authorities for the Prizes

Candidates for the awards may be selected and proposed only through the following authorities in any country:

  • The President or the Prime Minister
  • Ministers of Science and Technology or Culture and Education
  • Directors of Institutes and Organizations
  • Rectors of Universities
  • Members of the World Cultural Council
  • Outstanding personalities in Science and Culture

Please contact us for any further assistance by e-mail to wcc@prodigy.net.mx and nominations@consejoculturalmundial.org.

Nominees for the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science should be eminent scientists whose achievements can serve as an inspiration for future generations. Considerations will be given to individuals or institutions in one of the Life Sciences such as Neuroscience, Earth Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Chemistry or in one of the Natural Sciences such as Physics, Mathematics or Astronomy. The prize is awarded every year.

The “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts may be conferred upon a renowned artist, sculptor, writer, poet, cinematographer, photographer, architect, musician or other performing artist, whose work constitutes a significant contribution to the artistic legacy of the world. The award seeks to foster art in all its expressions, rewarding artists whose work is most deserving of world recognition. The prize is awarded every second year.

The World Cultural Council is now accepting nominations for the “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts for 2017. Nominations must be submitted by March 10 2017.

Self nominations are not accepted. Renomination of previous nominees is possible and encouraged.

Nomination Form and Requirements

Please provide all information requested on the form

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Please use our Online Nomination Form to fill in the data and upload the required attachments.

After doing so, please send a separate e-mail to wcc@prodigy.net.mx  c/c nominations@consejoculturalmundial.org confirming that you have submitted a nomination through the website.

Otherwise you can fill in the information as above and send the nomination by email.